Welcome to CrimpyLocket737's Website

My name is Alex and this is my first website so all help will be thankful.

I made this when I was at a CoderDojo Stirling and will make improvements.

I am very thankful for CoderDojo for opening a new way to code at my level. http://coderdojostirling.com/

I have help many people with this website and helped them code better. Thank You Coder Dojo.

I go to DounePS in Scotland and it is a really ICT school and I'm helping all of my class mates to code better.

When I grow up I want to become a game designer or coder for my famliy buissness called KeyFM.

I like Luigi more that Mario because Red means rage and green means life so thats why i like hime more.

Drinks that I like.

Food that I like.

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